Increased Appliance Longevity with ice maker appliance parts

Can you think of something which is as hot as it is cold? It’s ice. Yes the solid state of water is cold and hot at the same time. Whether it is summers or winters we need ice throughout the year, sometimes due to heat and sometimes just like that. Though water is tasteless, yet ice adds an imaginary flavor to your drinks. Ice maker or ice machine can be taken to be the freezer found in refrigerators. It is also in form of portable stand alone appliances that gives you cubes of ice as well as water purification. Ice maker comes with automatic sensors that gives you ice all the time without having to worry about filling the ice tray. Unlike the freezer that preserves food and other items also in the refrigerator, ice maker just gives you ice and in huge quantities than a normal ice tray. An average ice maker can make six ice cubes at a time. Ice machine has typically four key components-the throttle valve, compressor, evaporator and condenser. The ice generator is that part of the machine that actually produces ice. The refrigeration cycle takes place within these four key components.

However, sometimes you may have to troubleshoot the ice maker when its components don’t work. The ice machine produces cloudy soft ice when they need to be cleaned. This is not the symptom of it needing any repair. Soft ice or smaller ice is just the result of water minerals getting collected on the inside of the ice maker which decreases the quality and quantity of ice produced. You may adopt certain homemade techniques to clean the ice maker or go for commercial cleaners. Vinegar is the recommended cleaner for your ice maker. Never clean your ice maker with bleach as it could corrode its nickel plating. Installing a filter in your ice machine or removing the mineral deposit can also keep the machine free of build up. However commercial cleaners have the added advantage that its wax based cleaners and polish easily removes the dirt and unwanted grime and build up plus it leaves the area shining and keeps it new looking always. For this purpose GE ice machine cleaner is the most recommended and suitable for every machine. This cleaner doesn’t corrode the nickel plated surface of the ice cleaners plus its taste doesn’t come in the ices made afterwards. Hence it gives you better quality ice every time you clean your machine.

However apart from the buildup it may also happen that your ice maker is giving you some other kinds of problems also. The problems may be one or many like ice not being made, ice not ejects from the dispenser, too much of ice made, ice maker not shutting off, bad taste in ice, discolored, soft or small ices being made.

In order to fix the problem you can go for certain small techniques that can help you know what the problem is really about. You can check the water supply lines, temperature of the freezer, the mounting plate and the electric terminals of the ice maker. Usually problems occur with these parts only and they need periodic maintenance, repair or replacement. For this purpose you can go for ice machine appliance parts instead of replacing the whole machine.

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