The principle of GPS products to buy

With the increasing number of private cars, car navigation products to become one of the most popular products and auto parts market in the electronics market, the endless variety of GPS navigator. Products, it seems also more difficult, and the domestic the GPS market on a huge difference in the cost-effective. The face of the cohabitation of GPS devices, how to select the most appropriate own car GPS navigation device.
Principle 1: precise and fast positioning
Navigation software features that determine the performance of a navigation product is most important, how to choose a suitable navigation software. Many consumers, however, too much emphasis on the optional navigation products navigator additional features such as audio, video playback, while ignoring the core navigation features.
The star search capability of the GPS devices determine the accuracy of GPS positioning. Different navigation devices, due to the difference in the core chips, etc., the ability of the reception signal is also different. The mainstream GPS devices are basically ultra-high-sensitivity SiRF third-generation power saving chip, able to conduct all-weather, wide range of search, and has a strong anti-jamming performance.
Therefore, for the car to buy car navigation to select signal is strong, accurate positioning and fast GPS navigation products.
Principle 2: Beware of pirated electronic map
Map as a core part of the status of the GPS navigation is very important. Generally speaking, no later than one year time, GPS navigation by escalating map to ensure the accuracy of the navigation needs to be updated, so be sure to buy a GPS understanding of GPS-equipped with map software update time and update how much to charge. At present, China obtained navigation electronic map production qualification of the company a total of eight, which NavInfo Lingtu, Ritu, high German and Kay Rucker 5 do navigation electronic map, Chinese display operation mode of navigation devices generally are adopted company software systems.
Meanwhile, the navigation industry in China in recent years, the rapid development of pirated maps also plagued the healthy development of the industry. Partly driven by the interests of the assault into the navigation industry manufacturers, due to the lack of capital, technology and extensive use of pirated maps, disrupt navigation products market. Normal circumstances, with a genuine map navigator price in more than three thousand yuan, and the piracy map navigator price of about two thousand dollars will be able to purchase.
The experts advise consumers to buy navigator must look for the brand, asked in detail about the navigator mounted Which map map of the legality of navigation electronic map can easily upgrade, upgrade frequency.
Principle 3: after-sales service is the key to
GPS products can be said to be the "third, seventh service, product quality is of course important, service is the core factor. Navigator this product after-sales service are highly dependent on special products, if the manufacturers do not have the technical support and service capabilities, then he sold the product should be regarded as a defective product. This service capacity is mainly reflected in the map ability at any time to the user to upgrade to the latest version, the manufacturers ability to quickly and timely repair defective product for users to buy products distributors if they can give returned.
Many small manufacturers of GPS did not upgrade services, or need to pay a high cost to upgrade. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of a GPS navigator, Never cheaper because the moment the blind purchase, maintenance and upgrades after the purchase can not be well protected, then the navigator will become a kind of decoration.
In short, in the purchase of GPS products, the best choice in professional sales of GPS products, well-known car audio shop or manufacturer designated locations to buy, this can guarantee the stability of the after-sales service, easy to solve problems in GPS, and software upgrade will be a lot easier.

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