Concept and Application of Automotive Sensor

Introduction of Automotive Sensor

Sensors have a wide range of applications in automotive electronic stability control system (automotive electronic control system), lane departure warning system and blind spot detection systems. What is automotive sensor? What are the kinds of sensors applied to the car? What are their roles? Automotive sensor input device of car computer system, there are various of automotive sensor manufacturer producing this product, it turns a variety of conditions, such as speed, a variety of medium temperature, engine running condition into electrical signals, so that the engine is in top working condition.

Different Kinds of Automotive Sensors

Chassis control sensor is used for transmission control systems, suspension control system, power steering system, anti-lock braking systems. Although these sensors are distributed in the different systems, the corresponding sensor in the working principle and the engine is the same. With the improvement of the degree of integration of the automotive electronic control systems and wide use of CAN-BUS technology, the same sensor can not only offer signal to the engine control system, but also for chassis control system. Automatic transmission system sensors mainly are: vehicle speed sensor, accelerator pedal position sensor, an acceleration sensor, throttle position sensor, engine speed sensor, coolant temperature sensor, oil temperature sensor, etc. Anti-lock braking system sensors are: wheel speed sensor and vehicle speed sensor. The suspension system sensors mainly are: a vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensor, an acceleration sensor, the vehicle height sensor, a steering wheel angle sensor or the like; power steering system with a sensor: a vehicle speed sensor, engine speed sensor, a torque sensor, oil pressure sensor and so on. There are a variety of sensors manufactures to produce various products, so does alarm system manufacturer.

The Development Trend of Automotive Sensor

Due to the important role of automotive sensors in automotive electronic control system and the rapid growth of the market demand, the world pays attention to its theoretical research and application of new materials and new product development very seriously. The overall trends of future automotive sensor are technology, miniaturization, multi-functional, integrated and intelligent. Micro-sensors, based on the MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), micro-sensors uses micro-machining technology to integrate the semiconductor, the signal processor, the data processing device package in a fast chip, because of the features of small, cheap, and easy integration, it can significantly improve the accuracy of system testing. At present, the technology is maturing, can produce a variety of sensitive and detect mechanical quantities, the amount of magnetism, the amount of thermal, chemical content and biological amount of micro-sensors. Micro-sensors based on MEMS technology have begun to gradually replace traditional electromechanical technology-based sensors because of its performance advantages on reducing the cost of automotive electronic systems.

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