Snow and ice driving tips brakes do not neutral

Snow, the most troubling than the driver, icy and snowy roads, driving very difficult. Yesterday, said Ms. Lee, Changchun, cars frozen in the district has been unable to move. Some members of the public said, snow and even the usually adept driving skills not withstand the test. Exactly how icy and snowy roads driving people scratching their heads.

Wheels frozen in the snow and ice

"Wheels are frozen, my morning taxi to work, can only wait and snow around the tire clean up, before you can move the vehicle." People Ms. Lee said a resigned look. In the summer of this year, Ms. Lee to obtain a driver's license, formally purchased a limousine, she thought for a snow tire, you can cope with the snow and ice, but she did not know that this winter parking there learned.

Similarly, the public He is helpless, in the past, he was driving the technology is very good, but these days, he is in the process of driving a series of multiple faults. "Snow weather, how I had it? How even the car will not open it?" Mr. Chen issued wondering.

Do not slam the brakes on icy and snowy roads

Liu introduced the icy and snowy roads should be traveling with 7 years of driving experience, snow and ice must not slam the brakes can to select manually Guadang, then reduce your speed. For such weather, Changchun City, an auto 4S shop maintenance staff proposed several suggestions for driving a manual transmission driver slowly lift the clutch as far as possible, should be the start of the icy and snowy roads, light oil; For automatic transmission vehicles, car with its own snow mode must be promptly replaced to the snow road block, to ensure that the appropriate torque vehicles in snow and ice.

Driving in the snow, but also to learn how to use the brake, the maintenance staff introduced for the manual transmission models, in addition to parking, so long as the car is moving, try not neutral brakes, because with block braking with the engine deceleration role more quickly to reduce the speed. Never allow for the automatic transmission models neutral slipped the car, otherwise it will cause early wear and tear in some parts.

Motorists must concentrate

For vehicles without ABS, more neutral braking is not allowed, because if the control slightly bad, it would be easy to tire locking, once the front wheels from locking you lose the ability to control the direction of travel, the inertial direction of the car will travel movement. If you pull the handbrake to the rear wheels from locking, and that the vehicle transverse drift occurs, more have no control over the direction of the driver, Mr. Liu said. Correct brake "with block brakes, but do not look at the brake pedal trampled to death should be a paragraph-by-paragraph afterburner at high speeds in need of emergency deceleration, braking and rapid downshifts to achieve.

The sight of snowing fog weather was bad, if not more carefully, that may be on the side hidden. Winter due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, so easily in the glass from fogging in all the various situations should be open before the rear windshield defogging switch, in order to ensure a good sightline. Try not to frequently change lanes, If it is necessary to change, whether it is changing lanes or overtaking should open the turn signal, and then to see the road conditions in the rearview mirror, and confirm the safety and then transform.

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