The Installation of Car Alarm

The Car Alarm

The car alarm must be part of every door and the car trunk, engine compartment cover to protect, gate switch. Wiring requirements first find a good host fixed position, to the two paths, the way to the steering wheel cover, the power (red), ON line (white), control 30A breaker line (yellow), steering lamp wire (two brown), the rest of the line to the fuse box and the front left, front cover (the speaker wire Beige red), a vehicle door switch line (blue), lock line, the instrument (LED lights, antenna)

The Installation Tools of Alarm System 

Installation required for correct use of tools. The correct entry vehicle trim, and door panel (when needed).Note tool using the size specifications of the correct tools with different specifications, including cross screwdriver, pliers, plum, inner six angle, cutting pliers. Correct stripping, wiring and winding, according to the lines of different diameters, the terminal margin of about 25MM peeling skin, should pay attention to the internal copper wire may be injured or cut. Copper wire should be intact, peeled, the exposed copper winding beam tightly together, wrapped with insulating tape. On lap starting line or ignition wire, stripping should grow to 30MM, line peeled, the copper screw together one divides into two in alarm system manufacturer. Then the two lines of one divided into two. Part respectively screwing together, and then they become with tape wrapped around you. Use the tape to comply with IEC standards, pay attention to its insulation and rubber phase. Winding tape, to be with a little force will tape slightly elongated, and then winding. So the wrapped tape will naturally grab tightly on the lapped wire. This tape is not easy to loosen, safety, better firmness. Winding wire, often starting line and ON line, according to the method of using the two tape winding. Winding tape to have extension, there shall be no copper wire exposed. Power off relay lines, then after a good do not use tape of large area long will a few lines wrapped and tied together, otherwise not easy to heat, easy out of the danger. Attention should be paid to the proper use of the test pencil and multimeter instruments, meter. Note the multimeter stalls are set correctly.

Notes For The Car Alarm Manufacturer

Before installation, the first line of all connected, self-check line correctly, and then the power, shock, LED lamp socket on the host, car alarm manufacturer should pay more attention to the host and the shock sensor position should be avoided and high magnetic field where the sound. Fixed host, shock sensor location of attention whether they are generated by high temperature electric parts and also pay attention to the waterproof (water leakage).Alarm device of good and bad, reflected in the search for car line is correct, whether the quality of clearance, the wiring. Line search must be correct, the line cannot be virtual connection, not of the earth where it is ground, and ground place must be a real. Wiring must be tightened, insulation, or easy to cause fire alarm host, or burning of the serious consequences of vehicle circuit. When installed, that alarm host, remote control or other element has problems, please will have problems host components wholly intact the return of dealers, any unit or individual, do not remove the host, such as remote control of any component.

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