Lights Intelligent trends: AFS steering servo

Domestic mid-sized car is not only equipped with a xenon lamp, but also with more features: steering servo static auxiliary lighting, lenses, headlight cleaning, and automatically open ... the highest scientific and technological content, the most useful is AFS servo steering. Automobile market is not a long time, that is, the past few years, we understand it, if you see some cars in the evening issued a blue-white light Eighty per cent of that is the xenon lamp. Note the pronunciation: There are a lot of people xenon (xian1 --- "cents" are homonyms) HID headlamps misread as the hernia (shan4 --- "fans" are homonyms) HID headlamps.

A gas-discharge headlights, xenon headlamps (HIDHighintensityDischarge) developed by Philips spent five years the earliest application in the industrial building lighting, then developing the supply automotive xenon headlights. Hella Philips (PHILIPS); Osram (OSRAM); Dr. (BOSCH) Europe xenon lamp manufacturer, is also a world-renowned brand xenon lamp, the current domestic midsize sedan, the manufacturers Original xenon lamp (HELLA); more than 4 foundry production. Then compared with the usual halogen lamps, xenon lamp, what good is it?

High brightness: light lumens generated by a xenon lamp of the same power of the halogen lamp 3 times.

Long life: the use of gas ionization exercise our xenon lamp life is 6 times more than halogen lamps.

Low power consumption: the same brightness xenon lamp than half the power consumption of halogen.

High color temperature: xenon lamp highest 12000K color temperature, far more than the halogen lamp 3000K close to daylight 6000K human eye looks the most comfortable band, also the highest utilization rate of the most common.

In the early years, the xenon lamp is an advanced configuration only in imported Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other high-end models will have the past few years, with the decline in the cost and enhance the number of domestic automobile, xenon lamp gradually become popular configuration basically domestic mid-size car or compact car have started to equipment. AFS steering servo (also called the lights active steering system):

Usually the headlights of the car, regardless of brightness how to have a range of lighting, certain "blind spots" when turning when driving at night because of the traveling angle, this will affect the traffic safety to some extent, in the illumination light fixed In the case of the blind spot is inevitable, "AFS lighting servo steering system" came into being. According to driving speed, steering angle, such as automatic adjustment of the deflection of the headlights illuminate "did not reach the area in order to be able to advance, providing a full range of security lighting to ensure the safety of the night turning lane.


A xenon lamp with AFS function must be equipped with a lens. Accordance with the common market models, the classification of the xenon lamp, with or without the "lens" is a classification. The role of the lens is better able to gather divergent light source do far photopolymerization lingers recent light, short and wide, because such benefits, some low-end models even in the absence of a xenon lamp with a lens to improve its lighting effects. The contrary, without lens xenon lights line scattering cause to other vehicles generate some interference, so the vast majority of countries in Europe are expressly provides that while assembling the xenon lamp requires installation of lens. Now available in the market most of the cars equipped with a xenon lamp lens xenon lamp, and only a few cars with xenon lamp lens. 8 on behalf of the entire department Honda Accord (model configuration picture quotes) lens reflector bowls, nearly light Fortunately, far more diffused light, normally open will give oncoming vehicles cause interference. The static corners auxiliary lighting: (also called static auxiliary lighting)

"The static cornering auxiliary lighting" with AFS is not the same thing. Former as long as you turn the steering wheel, even open the turn signal lamp, this placement in the headlight inside the steering assist lamp will be lit in the side, and its irradiation angle and the range is fixed, and is in the headlight of the illumination range of the original to increase the side of the illumination area.

There are also basic xenon lamp are standard headlight cleaning "and" sensing headlights. The main role of the former is the of clean headlights surface dust and soil, to ensure the lighting effects; whose main role is the headlights turn on automatically in the dark or into a dark environment, improve traffic safety at the same time can be considered a humanity of expression.

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