The sewing flat folding folds will cause wear and tear on the paintwork

Recently, Changchun City, often snow, which also makes the car suffered snow "harassment". The reporters found that in some roadside parking and residential Street, many the car wear boarded clothing, this way you can avoid the "harassment" of the rain and snow, can also play a protective effect on the car. In the interview, the reporter learned, snowy weather is also stimulating the sales of sewing. Car parked in the parking lot, to the car to put on a sewing machine is a very necessary thing, a sewing machine is not only protected from dust, quality sewing machine, there are anti-acid, anti-burning function can love car played a very good protection.

17, the reporter from the northern market, Middle East market and gold Oriental sell automotive supplies market learned sewing and start selling snow shovels, began last week, the reporter learned an average each Tanchuang is daily can be marketed the fifty-six sewing. Sewing owners watching Ms. Wang said: "These days, on the window of my total cream into ice after the snow melts is still on the window, which makes the car not only dirty, clean up is also very convenient today happens to be the weekend, I came to buy a sewing machine at night to put on the car, the next day you do not have to try so hard. "Golden Oriental magnificent Qimao official told reporters:" According to the brand, material, the automobile market, car clothing prices, general, high-class cars because larger body size, the price of the sewing is relatively high, the quality is a little better price in the five or six hundred dollars, the quality of the general price also three hundred dollars, and sewing price of a small car more than twelve hundred dollars. these days, every day to sell 67 pieces of sewing, sewing three hundred dollars selling better. addition, due to the recent snow, particularly good snow shovel sales price of 10 yuan snow shovels sold more than 10 every day. "the reporter also learned that consumers can choose their favorite fabrics in the northern market and the largest market in the Middle East for processing, sewing costs will be slightly more expensive, but it can be determined according to their own requirements.

In addition, the industry also remind owners to buy a sewing machine, be sure to pay attention to see whether the size of the sewing data consistent with the body size of the models, whether the fire anti-acid. When using a sewing machine to the car each time to pay attention to "wear" on the sewing machine after going to tighten the rope, to avoid being blown off. Sewing close up to the formation of folded, crumpled Do not arbitrarily, so as not to leave a lot of small folds in the sewing, caused by wear and tear on the paintwork.


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