ISOFIX child seat fixtures

Child restraint should be equipped with safety seat (Figure) "Every year China has 18,500 children die from traffic accidents, while German children died in the car last year, only 76 people." Relevant figures, China's auto industry of child safety seat bottlenecks! If you ask ten people, child car safety, are not likely to get the answer. Why? Facing car safety awareness is not comprehensive enough, and always feel that the car itself is safe enough, little attention to the points on the line, and most should pay attention to safety awareness has not kept pace. Child safety seats depending on the car and election

Purchase the appropriate child safety seat for their baby, but also pay attention to whether it is suitable for your own car. Child installation seat mounting a child safety seat with the car's adult seat belt, and another is to use a dedicated fixed system ISOFIX system. The former is mainly used with self-locking retractor seat belt, the seat belt once buckle buckle webbing will no longer be pulled out, and basically remain fixed to ensure child safety seat in the vehicle process will not move around. The latter is more popular in recent years, children installed seat mounting fixtures, with the incomparable advantage of a lot of use of seat belts fixed child safety seat. After several years of deliberation, the child restraint in China's first mandatory national standard is expected to be introduced in June this year. The regulations on the security of the child safety seats, as well as vehicle how to properly install child seats have specific requirements, and recommend the use of child safety seats dedicated interface. The ISOFIX standard before the formal introduction, Xiaobian decides to start with you first get to know what ISOFIX, as well as for child restraint. What is ISOFIX

The ISOFIX full name is the "International Standards Organisation FIX", Chinese meaning: the fixtures of the International Organization for Standardization (child safety seat). It is a new standard for the placement of children in a car seat. This standard is acceptable for many car manufacturers, its role is to make child seat installation fast and simple. When the car factory ISO FIX interface has been fitted in the car. Child seat manufacturers install ISO FIX child seat fittings. ISO FIX child seat can be easily fixed to the car ISO FIX interface. The ISOFIX formulation is an important development, because a lot of people can not correctly install a child seat, car seat unit survey shows that a large proportion of the child seat is installed is not safe enough. Installation of child safety seats (the seat of the different types of different installation methods) Second, why the cars to be equipped with child seats interface?
Most of the child seat is placed in the car seat and to use Messenger shoulder strap (sometimes only use the belt) fixed. However, the different models of the car seat, seat belt and fixed way. Different from the shape of the car seat, seat belt length is shorter and the anchor point position will lead the child seat sited closer to the top or further back. All these factors make manufacturing applies to all models of child seats to be a difficult problem. Develop ISO FIX is to solve all these problems. Its ultimate goal is to let you buy any ISO FIX child seat for your car, you simply insert it into the child seat interface. Another role of the ISO FIX it can create a rigid connection between the child seat and the car to make it more solid. Unfortunately, the technical details of the development of ISO FIX standard takes a long time. After the completion of this work, the regulations R44.03 must be updated to add the new standards come. Now available ISO FIX seat on the market currently only applies to some top models to test. Such as British Pathe appropriate Duo ISO FIX seat (Britax) can be used on more than 80 kinds of models have been tested and proven. To know your car whether the the ISOFIX interface, the contact with the car manufacturers and dealers. ISOFIX now in the country also did not enforce regulations, but a number of joint ventures or independent brands, models have been equipped with ISOFIX child seat interface. If there are children, choosing cars have ISOFIX child seat interface is still very necessary. Third, ISOFIX development status

The ISOFIX international standards introduced in 1999. In 99 years, the United States gradually began to require such fixtures in vehicle design. 2000, U.S. law already provides that: all new cars sold in the U.S. must be fixed system (the fixed child restraint system in Europe called ISOFIX child restraint in U.S. terminology is called LATCH), Europe and other The country will soon introduce a similar law. It can be said the ISOFIX standard established to promote the development and widespread use of child safety seat. ISOFIX interface Domestic child safety seat mixed products

In the domestic automotive supply stores or Auto Parts City, the increasingly high rate of child seat was added to our catalog. According to experts, domestic child safety seats due to the lack of mandatory standards, safety compromised. According to industry insiders, an early start on the auto industry and the market is mature Europe and the United States government is very early introduction of traffic laws for different groups. They developed the child restraint safety principle provisions effectively bound car manufacturers and car people, such as not recommended for young children sitting up front (if sitting in the front row, you must use the increased type safety seat, such accidents security The air bags will not harm to the child's head), and must use a child restraint safety seat. Chinese parents less than
child restraint safety awareness
Many just become the parents of the child safety seat car owners do not know, even the children should sit in the back seat are not clear. In the process of moving in the, adults embrace of the child sitting in the front passenger position, the center of the back seat of the channel or the passenger seat before standing child car safety seats for children all year round vacant ...... and so on in the domestic scene, almost every day in life be able to see. Some parents like "apple" in his arms, with his arms to protect, in fact, in the face of an emergency brake, this protection of adults often beyond their grasp. Hopes some of the parents to the children's safety seat belt, but this idea is not desirable. Because the car seatbelt ordinary adult height design, limited in height adjustment. Faced with an emergency situation when the car, the human body may go forward, because of the enormous inertia, this case does not fit the seat belt is likely to result in the children's chest, rib fractures, choking and even neck bone broken, the best protective measures will become a deadly weapon. In addition, the child is placed in the front passenger seat is also a lot of misunderstanding parents, airbags with front passenger seat when the accident happened, the impact may cause the child to suffocate and fractures.

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