High-speed encounter fog should leave the Never-site parking

Patchy Fog, "high-speed killer, in the early morning of June 3, in the the Shenhai high-speed (Shenyang - Haikou) Yancheng segment, resulting in two-way lane 7 from a total of approximately 60 motor vehicle rear-end accident have occurred, resulting in the deaths of 11 people, 19 people were injured. Major accidents caused by fog ever fresh in February 11 this year, Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway Liyang, west to Nanjing direction, fog led to a nearly 30 vehicles collided, 2 dead 6 injured; April 15 this year, Shen sea ​​high-speed Lianyungang paragraph 7 traffic accidents occurred in five deaths and 11 injuries; May 28 this year, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway the Xinyang segment after another in a traffic accident 13 cases, 8 deaths and 13 injuries ...... today editor summed up the high-speed encounter fog coping methods.

In case of fog lights should open

The traffic police recommendations: "must turn on the fog and low beam lights, marker lights, front and rear lights, and not more than 20 km / h speed, leave the highway near or into the rest of the service area."

Vehicles need to dock the event of an emergency situation, you should open warning light, to remind later vehicles, cars supervisors and passengers should get off, transferred to a safe place, in order to avoid secondary accidents cause harm.

Encounter fog should try to leave the high-speed zone

Vehicle "fog" area, the driver does not have any chances, require immediate alert, slow down the adoption. Especially the driver in the area of low visibility fog, remember not to place parking, it is best to choose the nearest road exports slow exit or enter take shelter in a nearby service area, waiting for the fog to dissipate.

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