Structural mechanical supercharger (Super Charge)

Mechanical supercharger using the belt with the engine crankshaft belt drive connected to drive the internal blades of the mechanical supercharger to the engine speed, to generate the pressurized air fed to the engine intake manifold, the overall structure is quite simple, the sector of the working temperature 70 ° C - 100 ℃, unlike turbochargers rely on engine emissions drive, must contact the high temperature exhaust gas of 400 ℃ -900 ℃, the supercharger system requirements for the cooling system, grease NA naturally aspirated engine, mechanical maintenance program is much the same.

The characteristics of the mechanical supercharger (Super Charge)

Mechanical supercharger belt drive features internal blade speed and engine speed of the turbocharger is fully synchronized, basic characteristics:

The engine rpm X (R1/R2) = supercharger leaves rpm

The R1 engine PULLEY radius

Disk of radius R2 supercharger belt

Various types of engine belt disk size differences and limited the engine installation space, far below the 30,000 rpm operating speed of the mechanical supercharger, often in the domain of the ultra-high turn over 100,000 rpm with turbocharger the case far from, the mechanical supercharger speed is linked to engine speed, both rendered equal footing phenomenon, the formation of a stable set of arithmetic line, but may affect each other between the turbocharger and the engine, when party operation hampered by belt transmission will affect the operation of the other party, which is characteristic of the mechanical supercharger. Due to the limitations of the manufacturing cost, the most of the commercially available engine of the vehicle maximum speed is maintained at below 7500rpm, ideal mechanical supercharger should 1000rpm-7500rpm of the engine within the work area to produce a sufficient and boost the value of the stable, so that the engine output 20-40% increase in the mechanical supercharger must be produced at low speed booster effect, usually the engine is an out of the idling region 1000rpm-1300rpm that is able to drive the mechanical supercharger supercharged effect, and extended to the maximum speed of the engine. therefore overall supercharging curve is presented a slowly rising smooth curve through the bunkering procedure and the adjustment of the pressure relief valve to reach the target of the "plateau" engine output power curve.

But the seemingly perfect mechanical supercharger system, there is a small problem exists, due to the power source of the mechanical supercharger rely entirely on engine driven, the lighter the burden on the engine speed to enhance the faster, which is why the game space vehicles prior reasons to remove the air-conditioning compressor, if equation (formula) racing, and even activate the motor, oil pump had been turned into an external connection, in order to reduce the burden of the engine, turbocharger operation resistance must be smaller and more Well, will not drag on the engine efficiency.

However, the energy generated by the turbocharger (supercharger value) and resistance proportional, blind pursuit supercharging value, significant increase in the energy of the engine output, but opposite to the wind resistance of the internal blades of the turbocharger will rise when resistance when it reaches a certain threshold, the the turbocharger resistance cause the engine to bear a great burden, serious impact on the enhancement of the engine speed, so the designer must compromise between boost the value of the engine burden, in order to avoid the high pressurized negative effects brought about by the system.

The supercharged species

Centrifugal supercharger (Centrifugal Superchargers): This supercharged and turbocharged much like, but it is not driven with the engine exhaust, but the engine's belt drive. It is the same as the turbo supercharger principle, the intake air by centrifugal force, air pressure, in order to achieve the purpose of the compressed air.

Basic mechanical supercharger (Roots Superchargers): You can often see 60-70's muscle car to see this thing, it is very obvious from the engine cover of the sudden, just figure this Mustang. This supercharged air suction within the turbocharger,, two spiral blade to the compressed air, and then sent to the intake manifold. This supercharged provides strong torque output. It is very popular in the accelerating race and street race.

Screw type supercharger (Screw Superchargers): This form of the booster is the basic type of derived, but also looked like, but they are a suction compression method are very different. When the air is sucked. Turbocharger spiral blade Forced into the intake manifold. This form of the turbocharger is very effective for enhancing the respective rotational speed of horsepower.

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