Nissan's CVT transmission

Major depot in the research and development of the automatic transmission toward the multi-segmented or no segment and efforts, and low fuel consumption, Jing Su handling enhance goal. Developed in Japan NISSAN cars "NISSAN Extroid CVT" is an excellent drive technology. Match CVT CVT, the entire acceleration process engine speed does not occur decline (blue line below), in terms of fuel economy and power precisely because of this unique characteristic of the CVT, CVT are beyond automatic transmission with manual transmission . The automatic transmission and a manual transmission, after each shift, the engine speed, there will be thousands of revolutions steep drop of the characteristics (as shown in the black lines).

Although the use of variable speed drive CVT technology are nothing new, but the CVT systems are almost always mounted on a small displacement, on small horsepower cars. This is mainly because of the metal strip for use in the CVT system has certain limitations due to the affordability of the engine power output.

Nissan CVT gearbox and Volkswagen DSG dual clutch transmission compared to what the pros and cons of each

1, fuel-efficient, CVT transmission asset.
2, acceleration, DSG transmission asset.
3, ride, CVT transmission asset.
4, the use of cost CVT transmission edge information that DSG transmission maintenance costs low, but it is estimated that their own longitudinal comparison, how many gears have to produce metal powder, then the routine maintenance replacement high the lubricant frequency than the CVT saying DSG transmission, low maintenance costs at this point had been doubtful.
5, the "conditions" C transmission dominant, C is a mature technology, mature products. D transmission copy the multi-chip dual-clutch F1 technology, according to China's "National Road" status matching worrying, coupled with the complex structure, just transferred to domestic production.

Nissan's CVT transmission gearbox Audi A6 What is the difference?

The outset that I am not what professionals and limited insight only know that Audi's multitronic CVT, through the electronic system to simulate the manual shift function.
New generation of Audi's Multitronic gearbox in manual mode divided into seven gears, the small gap between each gear the use manual subtraction block, can bring closer manual transmission driving pleasure. With Nissan's X-Tronic CTV little common Nissan CTV manual mode setting six gear.

Nissan's X-Tronic CVT CVT is specially developed specifically for VQ35DE engine, capable of withstanding up to 318Nm of torque. The metal belt is constituted by the two beams of the metallic ring and hundreds of metal sheet, such a configuration is not only high strength and easy to be adjusted.

Summarize between very different, the basic principle is the same technology, but Audi's multitronic CVT transmission chain is composed by the V-shaped steel plate and high-strength shaft, also referred to as multi-plate chain belt; Nissan's X-Tronic CTV constituted by the two beams of metal rings and hundreds of metal pieces.

NISSAN published "Extroid CVT" for large displacement, horsepower FR (front-engine rear-wheel drive) car developed technology. Of this technology and general metal-driven approach is completely different, in simple terms, the principle of this technology is the use of the disc (power input / output disc) inside and outside of the rotary speed difference " as the gear ratio, this principle was originally used in textile machinery, used to use is the first time in the car's transmission system.

On the actual driving, NISSAN Extroid CVT is the smooth straight line acceleration, the occupant experience like jet takeoff paste back a sense of. In city driving, and almost feeling less than any shift of vibration, the engine braking effect is quite sharp, great differences with the automatic gearbox.

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