Understanding of these instrument indicator

Different models, the dashboard has a different humane reminded to remind owners of their lights flash off, but one can only read the oil, water temperature gauge basic "light language" Once the other lights on the dashboard appeared abnormal, tend to know what to do, or even the timely maintenance ignore, has nothing to do with the failure was nervous Parking for help. Therefore, experts recommend that owners who understand "light language" and then hit the road, the car will be more calm. Following the introduction of the five major instrument lights, added help everyone. A water temperature gauge warning lights:

Water temperature gauge general multi vehicle pointer. Pointer general instructions in the red zone inside the site, its temperature is generally 95 degrees Celsius, some of the car is higher in the normal temperature. Indication of the water temperature gauge can tell us the temperature of the vehicle, the engine whether in the normal temperature range, such as high temperature anomalies. Because the car once a long time high temperature operation will cause serious damage to the engine. This requires that we pay attention to the water temperature in the car or when table indicates. Especially in the summer weather is hot easily cause the engine is warm; particularly concerned about the car in the summer, the water temperature gauge in your car, do not let the water temperature gauge pointer indicates the red alarm zone. If the pointer indicates the water temperature gauge red alarm zone, must promptly drove the car to the side of the road, stop and check to see whether the engine Kaiguo, as indeed Kaiguo the (tank once Kaiguo non bare hands to open the radiator cap to avoid burns) At this time the first not to start the car is allowed to cool slowly; then wait for rescue or supplemental cooling water, and then open to a nearby service station for inspection, maintenance and identify the cause of the high temperature and timely troubleshooting.

2 engine fault light:

If the warning lamp lights or pressure gauge indicates too high, we must make the engine flameout, first check the oil you missing car flameout, pull out the engine dipstick to see whether the oil page minimum and maximum limits between. If oil is highly normal, Looking for maintenance personnel to be checked to determine the reasons for the lamp lighting.

3. Brake warning lights:

Released in normal driving handbrake brake warning lamp lights up, need to get off to check the brake oil level, see brake fluid are you missing; Once the brake fluid is a serious lack of pay attention to Find leaked exists. Due to the brake fluid is not instantaneous lack too much, but the leakage of brake fluid can cause brake failure must be especially careful; checks, such as the lack of the need to open to the repair station overhaul the brake fluid level sensor or hand brake lamp switch if there failure phenomenon.

4.ABS alarm lights:

If the ABS light lit them in motion, the ABS electronic control system exception; In this case, the normal brake system will not be a problem just the ABS does not work, as owners encounter this situation without fear (not to say ABS fault no brakes, because they are the relationship between the two series not, ABS will only be activated only when the wheel locks, wheel locking does not start, but as long as the brake system failure brake is still available) normal driving; then as soon as possible to the service station for repair can be.

5 airbag warning lamp:

Airbag self test did not pass the vehicle starts, security alarm lamp will be lit; airbag may not bounce in the event of an accident, would not achieve the role of passive protection; However when the vehicle can continue traveling do not have to worry too much as long as the service station as soon as possible to repair what they can.

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