Situ idling hot easy to hurt the engine low speed the most important

Summary: to warm up the car can become necessary. But in the view of the majority, thought that morning or long periods of inactivity, after the start the car, original hot car to idle speed, 35 minutes on their way to the best. But according to a recent statistics shows that engine over 90% wear of mechanical parts, is the result of cold within three minutes after launch. Experts reminded car owners: idling hot in-place is easy to damage the engine, it is recommended that owners use low speed slow method to the car to warm up. 30 seconds, oil can "flow"

Experts explained that the car after parked for a long time, engine oil flow back to within the lower part of the engine oil sump. Long periods of inactivity, such as overnight launched after engine, the upper part of the engine without oil, in a State of lack of lubrication. About 30 seconds after the launch, due to oil pump operation to transport oil to the engine's needs lubrication of parts such as Pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft. Experts remind: even after you start the engine immediately hit the road, provided they are not jammed on the accelerator, maintained low-speed operation, shall have the same effect and idle running. 90 degree, gasoline can be turned into "qi"

Before the engine has not reached operating temperature (approximately 90-110 degrees Celsius), its oil supply system because of low temperatures, cannot be effectively full gasification of the gasoline. In petrol-gas "wet" when liquid, it is not easy to burn and start the engine. Choke, blocking part of the air entering the cylinders, to upgrade the petrol/air mixture ratio, and increased engine speed keep the engine from stalling when after reaching normal operating temperature, the automatic choke will naturally return to normalcy due to mechanical action. Experts remind: a cold engine to reach normal operating temperature, seven or eight minutes to a dozen minutes, but during that time, you do not need original hot car, as long as not driving at high speed as well. Original hot car gearbox did not "action"

About the lubrication of the gearbox change gear, are regular owners do not understand the easy to ignore. Gear oil and engine oil is the same, when in the cold, gear gearbox of oil flow to the lower section. Only when driving, due to bottom of the running gear and the gear oil, lubricate upper section. This is why most cars in cold shift cause jerky when, this is also not the original hot cars can be solved.

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