Experts explained the neutral slide in the end really fuel-efficient

In the 1980s and nineties car people have such experience, when a car into a downhill road, drivers will hang up in neutral, though dangerous, but drivers are willing to take the risk, because this car can be fuel-efficient. Neutral slide? Better not to use auto parts experts recommend the neutral slide is not fuel-efficient, this with EFI engine work related.

EFI engine, according to the principle of the engine, according to the computer program to determine how much of the fuel injection. If the owners pine throttle, the computer will allow the car to enter the coast mode, which for a long time, the engine is not fuel injection; If you choose a neutral slide, the computer will allow vehicles to enter the idle mode, the engine still sprayed with block conditions oil. This is why sometimes neutral slide more costly oil.
Auto experts believe that, even if there is a the neutral slide the condition of the fuel-efficient, but also conditional. Due to contain the role of the engine, the neutral slide farther. Sometimes neutral slide slip less than to go refuel door, on the cost of oil.

For automatic car, there is no reason this operation. Oil pump - oil pressure - Transmission work, which is the basic working principle of the automatic transmission, if you are neutral slide feet away the fuel door, cut off the fuel supply is equal, the gearbox became dry friction, long time, not to mention the fuel-efficient, gearbox waste. Automatic car is definitely not neutral slide.

For carburetor engine neutral slide can really fuel-efficient, which makes a lot of the old drivers to develop an opportunity to neutral gear habits. But now, as carburetor engine on the market almost disappeared, EFI engine has become mainstream, neutral slide view clear: it is not fuel-efficient, but sometimes the cost of oil. Therefore, it is recommended that vehicle owners are and not neutral slide, not necessarily to fuel-efficient, and secondly, there is likely to pose a threat to life or property, but will also cause some damage to the gearbox, not to little interests at a loss.

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