Whether the new car expert analysis necessary to make the engine guard?

Buy a new car, a lot of consumers are accustomed to install the engine guard plate under the engine, exactly, is not necessary?

In this regard, the automotive professionals to install the engine guard can maximize minimize the damage to the engine because of bad roads.

The Nancheng Mr. He just bought a car, in the car, his faithful car the bikers group where I heard talk about, to give the new car safety and an engine guard, so you can protect the security of the engine. So, Mr. Ho mention the car, went specializing shop to their new car to install the engine guard But then he heard riders say, installing engine guard is superfluous, and this, Mr. Ho confused.

Mr. Ho doubts automotive repair professionals master explained that the engine shield the name suggests is to protect the engine, the car larger vehicles on the road in some pavement and downs due to the the road undulating height difference exceeds the engine oil pan minimum ground clearance, engine oil pan might be hurt, and damage the engine.

Master Zhang believes, in fact, the engine protection plate, not the owner often dependent or frequently used to things, because the owners simply can not determine when to use the shield, shield, however, really play a role, indeed for the owners save a lot of money. Because the car can not always just traveling on a straight road of the city, even experienced owners can not guarantee that will not rub to the bottom of the vehicle through the bad roads. So, to install the engine guard plate can maximize minimize such damage.

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