73rd National Auto Parts will stand still sales hot in the winter

Growing in recent years, National Auto Parts will scale professional and has continued to improve, the quality is rising, the number of well-known enterprises to bring the latest products, technologies come to the exhibition, the the Tianjin Music City Investments Limited has now laid down a giant special booth, and This is the company with the organizing committee for the first time, the reason they believe that this platform will be rewarded exhibition in Tianjin, is because the value of the Tianjin as China's third largest city, has the largest in north coastal development area, and the upstate economy Development Center's geographical advantage, enabling enterprises to strengthen the development of the Northeast and Central Plains market, and strong radiation generated at the show late, driven utility. In addition, in the General Assembly, in Hebei government led, in line with the original intention to provide quality services for the exhibitors to continue to increase the intensity of cooperation with the Organizing Committee, focuses on the development of auto parts meters of the Town Center industry circles, the organizing committee has some of the booth to its fluttering, from the current investment situation, the booth is very tight, showing a shortage in the local situation, the two sides are discussing matters continue to increase booth.

Organizing Committee through the summary of the experience of the previous years, a few of the Tenth found around after the show exhibitors to keep in touch with other corporate and customer base to communicate directly with high-quality professionals, with customers and potential buyers consolidate the relationship is the most important role in the show, and therefore Tianjin will invite more auto parts in the past on the basis of experts in the field of participants to come to ensure the professionalism of the exhibition and interactive. Meanwhile, in order to establish the most direct and convenient communication channel between the exhibitors and buyers, many academic and technological exchanges will be different themes will also be full debut.

National Auto Parts will always be the same breath with the Chinese automotive manufacturing industry, a common destiny, the exhibition organized over the past few years has made a good social and economic benefits, its high degree of professionalism won the unanimous endorsement of the exhibitors and buyers. The show organizers will continue to work authority, through direct mail, Web site promotion, media cooperation, SMS platform, one-on-one professional invitation invites participants to come to the domestic and overseas auto parts manufacturing, equipment production and processing enterprises, and strive to build a set of display, communication, co-operation in one of the auto parts procurement platform, do a high-level, high-quality professional exhibition.

Show continuous development at the same time we should also see that the work of the organizing committee has been able to successfully carry out should benefit from the team's efforts, members of this team are now the majority of college graduates in the "80", they The expertise of both undergraduate and full of passion for the work of contemporary youth, under the leadership of the convention and exhibition industry veteran officers, after nearly 10 exhibition exercise, a step-by-step maturity has been the praise of exhibitors and venues. Work their meticulous division of labor, good service, mastered contemporary MICE industry knowledge and information, and the perfect combination of experience and vitality, each member always put service exchanges and cooperation, "General purpose in the first place, continue to build for exhibitors most quality exhibitors, including Booth Options for exhibitors, booth design, site conditions to predict the duration of accommodation, food, transportation and other issues of professional solutions, which not only enhance the cooperation and exchange of personnel in the industry, and let every A exhibitors felt the passion of the General Assembly. Attentive work can better enhance the interaction in session, deepen understanding, establish feelings of exhibitors from different regions across the country, and work together to make a greater contribution to the development of China's auto parts industry.

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