Jinan is sold in more than 20 cities across the country, the counterfeit Geely Accessories Jingxian

Qilu network, July 19 (Reporter TEENAGER households Yan Ming correspondent Yuan Wei Jiang Peng) Recently, a lot of Jinan, the "lucky" owners found very low life expectancy of replacement parts in a number of auto parts stores, but there is indeed a "lucky" trademark.


Jinan City Public Security Bureau police after learning of the situation, immediately commence the investigation, only to find out both the sale of counterfeit Geely Automobile Parts significant dens, and they sold all kinds of counterfeit auto parts, even across the country more than more than twenty provinces and cities.

"Geely" accessories just for another bad owners questioned knockoff

In May this year, the Jinan "lucky" owners of Mr. Zhang has encountered a dilemma, some time ago, he replaced the garage, auto parts and bad, although the repair shop promised free help replace, but Mr. Zhang has always worried, worried that the accessories are fake.

By chance, Mr. Zhang learned through online bikers group, a lot of the "lucky" owners have had this experience, Mr. Zhang will be talking about it to their friends. Friend of Mr. Zhang is the Huaiyin Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police, when he heard that, keenly aware that there is definitely a problem, and immediately reported the matter to their superiors. Economic Investigation Team leadership attaches great importance to, and immediately with years counterfeiting experience squadron leaders and police task force to carry out investigation work.

The police disguised investigators to buy accessories "Geely" experts have identified a fake
The police visited the survey on the part of the garage, that such accessories are almost all from Jinan western Auto Parts City, a miniature car accessories shop wholesale, so police by disguise investigation from the auto parts store to buy a part of a suspected counterfeit Accessories, and Geely Automobile manufacturers were contacted.

Geely Group experts, sent these accessories are all fake. To this end, the Geely Group sent a the counterfeiting group "composed by the vice president and technical experts came to Jinan with Huaiyin Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade to carry out detective work.

The two warehouse sale cottage "Geely" accessories side pot

With further work, the police found the little stock of fake parts of this auto parts store, but after all the customers to ordering delivery from the warehouse on a regular basis by the clerk. In time tracking Mopai police to determine the specific location of the warehouse and the clerk delivery time. July 13, with police and Geely Automobile Group "anti-counterfeiting group action came in the warehouse of a logistics center near western suburbs of Jinan, control of the main suspects Zhao, and seized a large number of counterfeit" Geely trademark auto parts, involving more than 60,000 yuan.

Next door to a warehouse staff behavior caused by the the scene police the suspect in the police inquiry and control of the manufacturing bases. Because this warehouse staff see the police arrived, and looked extremely nervous, and will be placed under the command of a man quickly moved into the warehouse and auto parts at the door.

Police found this warehouse is selling "lucky" car accessories, so police put an end to the handling of the staff and invited Geely Group's technical experts to conduct on-site identification of these accessories within the home warehouse. Geely Group's technicians made a quick conclusion, these Geely Automobile Parts also counterfeit products, and the number of counterfeit parts warehouse is much more than his neighbor. The task force immediately deployed police this dens to investigate and control the on-site personnel.

The selling fake big was originally wage earners fakes are sold to more than 20 cities across the country

After investigation, the police learned that the second selling fake dens boss Zheng Moumou, used auto parts market in Jinan to work very understanding of the situation of the auto parts industry. In October last year, Zheng Moumou resignation opened an auto parts store, but the situation is very general to the highly competitive business. But Zheng Moumou has found that there are a lot of auto parts manufacturers site to sell fake brand auto parts, and there are a lot of auto repair factory accessories often recruited to fake, so the Zheng Moumou mind "living Pan" together, they start start a fake brand auto parts business.

Zheng Moumou know to do so in violation of the law, in order to reduce the risk, he registered a "lucky" trademarks and brands are very similar to auto parts trademarks, using this as a cover for sales of counterfeit Geely Auto Parts. Sales after a period of time, of Zheng Moumou not only the purchase channels widening rapidly expanding sales network. Currently, his shop sold all kinds of counterfeit auto parts more than 20 cities throughout the various provinces of the country, has become a real big of selling fake goods.

Police investigators from the Zheng Moumou warehouse seized more than 3,000 pieces of counterfeit Geely auto parts and other brand accessories more than 2,000, the total amount of money involved is $ 300,000, while Zheng Moumou of selling fake registered trademark of crime confessed.

At this point, Huaiyin Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade successfully destroyed the dens of the two large-scale sale of counterfeit trademark, seized more than 5,000 pieces of counterfeit "Geely" brand auto parts, arresting suspects 15 criminal processing 8 cases also further investigation.

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