Remote Trunk Release Installation and Notes

Advantages of remote trunk release

When you want to open the trunk of the car outside, you can only use the keys to open, imagine the trunk is opened when you press the remote like car doors, which is not much more convenient? (Also reduce wear and tear on key). To achieve this functionality, because the remote control of many cars don’t have button to open the trunk, it needs the high cost and complexity of installation to implement, so it is generally difficult for riders to do-it-yourself install. The most important is to replace the original car remote control. Therefore, it restricts the application of the functions in the car. This product has successfully solved the above problems, press the door key twice within three seconds, you can realize trunk open. The advantage of the product is low price, easy to install, safe and reliable. No need to replace and change the remote control of the original car. By installing remote trunk release, it can effectively prevent the trunk being broken, adding an insurance for the safety of the vehicle and bring convenience for your use.

Remote trunk open installation instructions

This product is designed and manufactured by using a reliable circuit, only instantaneous power at work, and usually not charged. Secure and stable. No need to replace the original car remote control, and whether the remote control to open the trunk button on the product's installation No need to replace the original car remote control, and whether there is button to open the trunk on the remote control has no effect on the product's installation.

Easy to use, open trunk by pressing door open key twice (within 3 seconds), and there is warning tone.
Simple installation, and does not move the original car circuit, especially suitable for riders DIY. Improve car grade.
For vehicle safety, the trunk lock linkage can be removed, to effectively avoid the trunk release solenoid being pried.

Applicable to models act at the second time in continuous remote unlocking Does not support secondary unlocking, pressing “unlock - shut up --- unlock" can also realize turn opening

Installation methods and precautions:

1. Install the return spring according to the vehicle unlock (push or pull)
2. Open the trunk and remove the decorative panel, install the central locking at the right place, connect the unlocking connection mechanism, push or pull down the central locking by hands, it is ok when you can start trunk lock open.
3. Central locking rod should be installed as far as possible parallel with the original car rod, to ensure power transmission.
4. Connect the controller input with unlock signal, ground wire battery negative (Ground)
5. Both ends of central locking connects to the motor output and motor ground of the controller according to unlock mode (push or pull). If it is wrong, reverse both ends.
6. The control box can be used glued by two-side adhesive at the place not affecting the trunk. is a company specializes in producing and developing auto electric products, such as car alarms, motorcycle alarms, parking sensor, universal power window kits and central door locking systems. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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