Japan is worried about the Chrysler bankruptcy bring disaster to the Japanese parts manufacturers

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Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Toshihiro Nikai said May 1, Japan is concerned about the U.S. Chrysler car company went bankrupt (parameter picture) the possible impact of the Japanese automobile parts manufacturer.

However, Toshihiro Nikai unspecified government will take measures to protect Japanese manufacturers.

Japanese auto parts manufacturers not only to the large Japanese car companies Toyota (parameter Pictures) Automotive Industry Corporation, Honda Motor Company (parameter picture) supplier, also rely on exports to the U.S. car prices. Some auto parts enterprises with offices and factories in the United States.

Chrysler filed for bankruptcy protection on April 30. The Associated Press said the to lose Chrysler customers as well as the Chrysler bankruptcy on the potential impact of the overall U.S. auto industry, has been struggling in the economic cold Japanese auto parts manufacturers are facing new challenges.

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