Methods to Choose the Car Rearview System

Operating voltage range of rearview system

Operating voltage range is the key to determine the car rearview system, due to if the power circuit is in bad condition, it will burn out car display, camera, or burn out car circuit. Carts voltage is 24V, in general, the wider the voltage range of car rear view system, the better, there are several categories in the market: operating voltage is 12V, then it requires customers to buy their own regulator, there is a big hidden danger in this configuration of the product, due to the different operating voltage range and current are in different products. In addition, market regulator are not standardized, so the operating voltage, output current and circuit protection cannot match with the different products of manufacturers and the effects and stability are all different. There will be the situation that burn out the monitor after the 12V Rear view camera system has been used for a period of time. While the operating voltage of 11 ~ 32V is specifically designed for a variety of vehicles which can resolve any vehicle voltage demand, and it is the most professional products.

The color and clarity of the rearview camera

The clarity of image picture is also the selected elements in determining the reversing system products, this mainly depends on the car camera, car monitor, currently and the main chips of car rear view camera are divided into two types: CMOS chip and CCD chip. CMOS is mainly used in the field of the lower image quality, and it has the advantage of manufacturing costs and low power consumption compared to CCD, the disadvantage of CMOS camera is that it put higher requirement on light source and picture quality and color are poor, especially at night, the image screen is poorer. While CCD is used in the field of high-end imaging applications in photography, video screen, with the features of clear picture of the image, color fidelity, low illumination, good night imaging results.

The mounting structure of car rearview camera

It is also the elements to determine the system products market, at present, there are RCA interface, BNC interface, Aero interface, and RCA interface and BNC connectors are used on the security, while they will show the vibration and prone to poor contact after the long working hours. Aviation interface is the supporting with the features of shockproof, waterproof and anti-jamming.

The full set of car camera supporting

Some car cameras are pieced together to install with the common color distortion and the situation that the signal does not match, which CMOS camera with black-and-white reversing system is the most obvious, and due to the unmatched signal, the screen will shake and flash. Professional Rear View Camera System needs a full set of supporting to detect the monitor and the camera, to ensure that it will not appear the color distortion. Our main product are 360° full view system, car rearview system, car front view camera, car parking sensor, car DVR, car night vision system, etc. We insist on innovation, integrity, concentration and professional. With the help of our outstanding researchers and management teams, we focus on innovation and quality control based on the advanced production equipment and assembly line.

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