Chinese auto parts market reproduction playing really not fake

China's auto parts market to play really the crackdown Guaixiang, has long been common for auto parts dealers. Before the auto parts market in Shenyang, resulting in more than 500 companies shuttered, resulting in the auto parts market in Liaoning Province caught almost paralyzed state. Recent Nissan Motor Company, Japan Sword action "of the public security organs to carry out the so-called" crackdown "in the nation's major auto parts market, but the actual truth is that" playing true and not fake. The impact of the action compared with the Shenyang market, heavier. You definitely want to know why they do this?

No stranger to playing really not fake phenomenon, I believe everyone in the December 7, 2009 CCTV 2 sets of economic half-hour program broadcast 4S shop secrets ". This program through unannounced visits to uncover the interests of the 4S shop chain, revealed some automobile manufacturing companies monopolized operation of auto parts, this monopoly to the auto parts market is a strange phenomenon: some car manufacturers use the judiciary to check the Auto Parts City, the "fake" check, check "genuine", without the authorization of the automobile manufacturers in respect of the forfeited - their own experiences in the program of the Beijing Auto Parts Industry Association executive director Wang Yongzhan summary of the counterfeiting of auto parts market for such a words: "to fight real not fake."

What is the instigator intentions of the Chinese government to crack down on IPR infringement and selling shoddy goods crime today, I do not know "to play really not fake"? Next we instance - Beijing North Auto Parts Company was malicious report investigated the case, look at Beijing and the country auto parts market to fight the strange phenomenon of counterfeiting really do not hide behind in the end?

The company closed down nearly four months, after more than a hundred workers and the strong appeal of the hundreds of family members, business finally resumed in mid-December.

People will ask, why Nissan so it? According to reliable sources, the report auto parts companies in the north is the Nissan Motor Company (Nissan), Nissan Motor Co. reached with the Northern Auto Parts Company is a commercial competitors (north auto parts company is currently the largest Nissan auto dealership provider). Counterfeit auto parts Nissan company against competitors, and they take advantage of China's auto parts market, long-term, widespread social problems, by the force of "Sword Action" fictional fact, and malicious report to the identity of the rights holders. Nissan attention to the case of the north in order to let the public security organs, they lied to the north of counterfeit auto parts amount to thousands of yuan, in order to Coushang to report the value of the case and the eradication of the biggest competitors, Nissan commissioned by the judiciary which is the appraiser involved Accessories opportunity, right and wrong, fictional fact, the North up to nearly a million in the coffers are factory accessories as fake and accessories, its true intention becomes clear.

It is understood that the Nissan Motor Company vain attempt total monopoly control of the ambitions of the Chinese market and attempt a long time. Especially since the beginning of 2011, Nissan expressly provided, 4S stores all of its prohibited the sale of auto parts out. Caused by the Japan earthquake in March to Nissan unprecedented hit successively carve up the other car companies with the vehicle sales market share swallowed Nissan auto parts market, a monopolistic ambitions increasingly expansion, therefore for the domestic Nissan auto parts dealers began to suppress.

Nissan banned the export of auto parts 4S shop policy and its essence is monopoly Nissan auto parts, they take advantage of the lack of related laws take unfair competition, delusions forced consumers to its 4S shop to repair an attempt to circle the consumer firmly into the 4S shop at their mercy. In order to achieve their ulterior motives, they recently frequently reported to the public security organs and the application checks the nation's major auto parts market, Nissan auto parts market in the country came to a standstill and chaos, causing huge losses to the dealers, auto repair businesses and consumers , and thus also undermine the normal development of the Chinese economy.

In summary, we finally see the true colors of "playing really fake". Like this multi intercept, to suppress competition car prices more than the Nissan one, so high prices will lead to the 4S shop maintenance needs of consumers have no choice, wasting money are inevitable. Hunan consumer Liu Dahua case sued Nissan 4S shops, is a typical example of antitrust civil cases in the field of automobile consumption. Which has been questioned, "deputy plant parts" is also a professional auto parts production, they are factory parts quality just different brand, such as A, B accessories factory in the production of auto parts, while the auto companies C Select A production of this matching accessories, the B product known as the deputy factory products, A is positive, plant parts, and vice versa. It is understood that the positive inflow Auto Parts City plant accessories from a 4S shop unmarketable secretly supporting takeaway and original accessories manufacturers dissatisfaction car prices too low and the price of violation of the agreement to ship out, these phenomena are related to car prices "unequal agreement, tripartite contradiction leads to true accessories worth as different as day in front of consumers.

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