Drunk Fox hit trucks flying over the green belt

At 2:40 on the 5th, the east side of the Garden District, First Street, Shunyi District, Beijing Tianzhu Tianzhu, a Fox car at high speed, suddenly "fly" the face of a large truck crossing the middle of the green belt, the reverse lane phase hit. The accident led to the death of three passengers in the Focus car, two truck drivers suffered minor injuries. After preliminary investigation, Fox drivers Fan Zihao the case of drunk driving.

Nearby residents said the incident occurred, the scarcity of vehicles on our roads, suddenly buzzing motor sound, "Then I heard a 'boom'. The residents immediately go out to look and found a Fox car in reverse west to east lane and collided with a van. The Fox car front completely depression, serious damage to the right side of the body, and the "hatchback turned into a car". The trucks front knocked flat, the car came to cry for help.

One resident said, he later learned upon inquiry, the time of the incident, the the Fox cars are racing with other vehicles, unexpectedly left front wheel on the edge of the road edge of the central green belt, the vehicle then lost control after sliding a few meters "flying" on the reverse lane happens to be a head-on collision with a van passing. Two cars cross the street, all lanes blocked. "After the incident, seeing the passing vehicles have to slam the brakes on," Then we put in front of several large cardboard boxes to remind of past drivers, is the fear of cause secondary accidents ".

After the incident, first aid and police personnel have rushed to the scene, trapped in two vehicles carried away. After examination, the Fox car and truck drivers suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital with treatment. Fox car three passengers died on the spot and two others died the death. "Fox on the driver seemed a little alcohol," residents said.

5 pm, the accident vehicle had been towed away broken glass and oil can still see the scene, some of the car parts scattered on the roadside. The reporter saw two skid marks at the green belt, exploration personnel indicate the word about tire setback Indian "isolation belt two poplar was knocked down.

Shunyi District Government informed that, According to the field survey, the time of the incident, Fan Zihao driving a mini-van crossed the center isolation belt into the oncoming lane and Pei a driving truck collided, causing the cars ride personnel Wang, Yang, Humou death FAN the head minor injuries, Pei a head abrasions; different degree of damage to the two vehicles, injured subsequently taken to hospital for treatment, the accident caused three deaths and two injuries.

Blood alcohol testing, Fan Zihao blood alcohol content for 180.4mg/100ml, is a serious drunk driving. At present, the accident is under further investigation.


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