Electric door height vision

In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, people have a higher level of civilization and consciousness, regardless of the presence or absence of control, they rarely unauthorized access units or other residential door. However, nowhere and doors, after all, there is a big difference. Buildings if there is no access control, people can freely enter and leave without any restrictions, but do not accept any responsibility; Once access control, unauthorized intruder would be bound and interference. Therefore, the Western countries, the more important buildings or using electric door warning, isolated signs, used to stop people from unauthorized access, at the same time as the judicial definition of legality prevailing evidence. In China, the fear of the people for the bad guys and awareness is very strong, mostly habit walls barriers, lived a reclusive closed life under the heavily guarded state. However, units or private residential, after all, not a prison, the higher the electric doors more secure concept is only psychological effect, and in fact is not the case. Golden "geometry" is a line segment is divided into two parts, wherein the part is the ratio of the total length is equal to the ratio of another portion of this part. The ratio is an irrational number, whichever is the first three digits of the approximation is 0.618 and 0.382. Shape design of this ratio is very beautiful, so called golden section, also known as the Sino-foreign ratio. This value is not only reflected in the art such as painting, sculpture, music, architecture, but also in the management, engineering design, shopping, stocks would have a negligible effect, and is closely related to people's lives. Can cause people the beauty of the golden section in the plastic arts, the aesthetic value of this ratio, the length and width of the design of the arts and crafts and daily necessities, widely used in real life, some of the buildings segment than on The scientific use of the golden section, electric door design should also follow this law. The door is the face of the building, plays a decisive role in the entire buildings emphasis door beauty is extraordinary.

The beauty of the building door ranking determined by the gatehouse and door, and the gatehouse is a key factor, electric door just to play the role of a foil. According to the traditions and customs of the Chinese building, the height of the buildings gatehouse generally about 3.8 meters, according to the golden ratio calculated reserve blank height of 2.35 meters from top to bottom, and the lower 1.45 m height of the gold is the electric gate. Electric door height to comply with the visual aesthetic style of the buildings by the beauty of the building itself, the electric door just to play a set off the role. However, choose a shape beautiful, harmonious color, height and moderate electric door for the background, tend to produce the icing on the cake, the finishing touch effect. With the progress of the times, the defense capabilities of the unit door in the progressive deterioration of the door within the room other than the place is no longer a private space, but flowers and trees and cultural landscape of embellishment. Therefore, the door of the unit often electric door rather than confined pendulum folding doors, rolling gates, in order to keep the door permeability. Electric door height exceeds a certain limit, they will lose this pass outside of the permeability and art effects, contrary to the intention of installing electric door and the original intention. Chinese have a saying goes, observed a man "seen from afar the head close look at the feet, not far not nearly see the waist. Appreciate an electric door products, but also from far to near the observation, and then stood off near carefully taste. From a distance: look at the height of the electric door with the overall style of the building and the surrounding natural environment and cultural landscape of harmony and unity.

Sina Locke * y4} # ^ close look: observe the electric door shape, material, color is novel and beautiful, but also to observe the product at runtime whether to sedate smooth, there is no noise generated. l far do not look at the past: whether the golden ratio observed electric door height with the height of the gatehouse, there is no pleasant feeling. Own characteristics and aesthetic habits of the people, according to the electric door products neither look up to, and do not need to look down, simply head will be able to see the countenance of the visual angle is most comfortable. Height 1.45 m objects can easily all into the viewer's visual range, thereby avoid visual fatigue. Weaker the height of the electric door height greater the electric gate products conform to the principles of mechanics, the ability to withstand the sun and rain, the shorter the life, this is an indisputable fact. Electric door mostly exposed to outdoor, long-term exposure to sunlight, wind and rain will gradually aging, deterioration, the failure rate increases. When the high frequency of a site failure, is bound to affect other parts of the "lesion" It is just like the human disease complications and cross-infection. The retractable door is the higher, the higher the risk of "infection". "Rafters to climb the first rotten" is the truth. The higher the electric gate, the greater the force area, the worse the performance of wind. The saying goes, "a big tree attracts the wind, only to minimize the height of the retractable door, so that the overall center of gravity of the door body, in order to reduce the force area, enhance the sense of steady, so as to effectively resist the typhoon hit. Reduce retractable door height equal to the increase in the strength of the material. For example, we will be a chopstick break can effortlessly; folded cut can easily do. However, Zhetou shorter the more laborious, to the powerless. This is verified comedian Pan Changjiang famous saying: "concentrated things are fine." Electric door height to be considered on the safety factor in the world, no matter how tall door, only anti-gentleman and not anti-villain. A gentleman, even at the gate one way or another a line, they are also considered to be an insurmountable divide; For the villain is concerned, even if it is an impregnable fortress is also difficult to stop the thieves acts. Understand that the electric gate is actually prepared specifically for the gentleman, doors open line, the door was closed to the forbidden line, in fact, is a warning sign, its role with the bank window, the line of separation and special occasions cordon no different. Of course, this argument also does not mean that the the electric door completely exclude safety factors. Someone has to statistics, the average male height of 1.697 m, and the average female height of 1.586 m. Analysis: 1.80 meters big body of gold dividing point in the navel, 1.80 m multiplied by 0.618 equals 1.11 m, less hip height, plus electric door width, any tall one step height of 1 meter electric door. That is to say, a person in order to span more than 1 meter electric door must be increased use of ladders or other auxiliary facilities. In terms of which the door was on duty, is tantamount to burying its head in the sand; terms for unattended door, just install a set of anti-climb automatic anti-collision alarm system, if it was forced to climb, the equal right time. Electric door products most suitable height of between 1 m to 1.45 m. This view will subvert traditional electric door design concept, and may lead to a revolution in the door industry, a significant impact on the development of the industry as a whole. 


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