Focus: imported heavy truck sales in China's special vehicle to boost overall sales

Information conference of the China Automobile Industry Association data show that from January to November 2012, China imported a total of commercial vehicles, 51,400-year cumulative growth up to 74.3%. In the domestic heavy truck market downturn continued in the case of the low levels, imports heavy truck but maintain the growth momentum, people can not help but doubt, domestic freight market in the end it is good or bad? If good, why many users complaining of heavy truck no work to do? If bad, that those higher than 2-4 times the price of the domestic high-end heavy truck to buy European and American heavy truck transport enterprises is how to ensure that money, at least to recover the car costs?

Special car needs a hard pull the overall sales Insiders Yang Shun think that, in recent years, the number of imported heavy trucks increased year by year, but should calmly look at the data, after all, a relatively small base. Careful analysis of each imported segment models, more imports Japanese trucks, but most of the light truck. Imported heavy truck is still concentrated in the European-based brand, which Mercedes-Benz maintained traditional advantages, occupy 60% of the market share of imported heavy card. At the same time, Volvo, Scania, MAN, Hino also gradually by our users authorized to accept. Man and Volvo and more for highway logistics, Mercedes-Benz, Scania large part for the private car, fire engines, aerial vehicles, cement pump truck and military vehicle. I am at home and abroad in 2012 need not as good as previous strong freight market is deserted, Volvo, Man, and other users of the highway logistics-oriented cars affected. In contrast, sales of Mercedes-Benz and Scania increase, thanks to the growth of private car demand. It is understood, Mercedes - Benz for six years in a row to lead China, Europe and the United States imports of heavy-duty truck market segments, and always occupy more than half of the market share. At present, China has become the world's third largest import market for Mercedes - Benz trucks. Mercedes - Benz truck deliveries in mainland China in 2012 exceeded 6000, has more than 40 authorized dealers and service stations.

Annual statistics are not yet available, but reporters earlier Scania Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Truck Sales Director Lu Peng's interview has learned that in 2012, Scania cement mixing pump sales will be three times in 2011. Analysis of the growth of reason, Lu Peng, is to provide users with Scania programs and products to achieve a high overall efficiency. And this is precisely the freight market is bad, transport companies, the fleet of the most important and most concerned about. Expert Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., vice president Tan Xiuqing, 2012, the European brand heavy-duty truck sales in China mainly due to substantial growth, is modified on imported truck chassis growing demand, with road freight increased or of highway logistics company vehicles purchases increase has little to do.

Zoomlion, Sany, Valin Xingma enterprise has always been useful the import truck chassis manufacturing cement pump truck, part of a dedicated high-end cars habits. General, these enterprises habit Benz chassis, followed by Scandinavian Virginia. predicted large-scale construction and investment will start in the second half of 2012, the inevitable increase in demand for cement pump truck, truck and other models, so many enterprises to increase the production of a class dedicated car and tune high inventory, and therefore increased the demand for imported truck chassis. "Tan Xiuqing. Concept of domestic users in transition "carefully observe the sales strategy of the European and American heavy truck enterprises in China, each proposed concept, the concept is different, but the core concept - efficient almost all enterprises mentioned, especially in recent years. Reason and China continue to enhance road safety and transport management in the overload transportation is impossible or difficult circumstances, the advantages of foreign heavy truck gradually revealed. while at the same time, with China's automobile industry and the national economy undergoing structural transformation, upgrades, energy-saving Environmental protection is no longer a publicity into a user's real needs. "Analysis of the industry. In the interview, the reporter part concept of logistics enterprises of a certain size is changing. "Although the purchase cost is one of the points to ponder when corporate buyers, but the final decision whether to buy a truck, but also the rate of return on assets and the best profit point. Imported heavy truck, although the price is high, but the efficiency is far more than domestic cars general domestic heavy truck can not run every day, month attendance of 20 days is very good, and the import of heavy trucks almost daily attendance has outstanding advantages in speed and security, imported heavy truck cost-effective and domestic brands of The gap has been little more important, modern logistics enterprises are demanding for the accuracy of the transit time. domestic car price advantage in other areas have been gradually offset a relevant person in charge of the logistics enterprises.

Yang Shun analysis year, the number of truck transport (ie, attendance) will directly determine user revenue. Income, of course, there will be a cost, operating costs will determine the total cost. Operating costs, including fuel, maintenance costs, and maintenance costs, tire wear, driver wages, and so on. If the truck attendance is high, the user was correspondingly high incomes. From this perspective, the operating costs of the high-end products is very low, the truck investment is high, but the investment is not equal to the cost. Investment assets, fixed assets, depreciation and interest cost is relatively much smaller for the other costs, but quality fixed income assets is dominant. "Because of the higher prices, large logistics companies with imported trucks are more individual owners with very little I only opened once imported heavy card race, so there is not much fuel efficiency and reliability of publicity experience, but vehicle safety and excellent workmanship of delicate feelings and sit in the cockpit than even the domestic economy cars but also comfortable. "Shandong drivers Geng master said:" If you have a long-term, stable supply, I would certainly choose to import trucks "from China, India and Russia and other fast-growing truck market can be found in the two major trends of local truck manufacturers are technical upgrade of their best-selling truck models, this part out of the increasingly stringent emissions standards considered; the product increased demand from traditional markets in Europe and the United States manufacturing high-end trucks, mainly because the emerging economies increased for heavy-duty trucks, reliability, economy and durability requirements. "Mei race Mercedes - Benz said.

Mercedes - Benz truck business person in charge of the most attractive of the Chinese market "this year, the Chinese truck market is expected to recover, the increase is expected to exceed 10% of the Benz truck will certainly benefit from the market rebound." Said Hubertus Troska. "China's economic contribution to the world economy for all to see, the Chinese market is the most attractive and dynamic market, so that it can find ways to enter the Chinese market from the global enterprise. Heavy truck market, even more so." Insiders said. Yang Shun again said: "15 years ago, Scania began to adjust the global strategic planning, will focus on its strategic focus to shift to China, the future direction of development on emerging economies, led by China, the market demand for Chinese heavy truck market in high-end emerging global heavy truck market in China in the future, because there have been part of the market in China and the European market is no different from the needs of high-end products. With the increase of China's foreign trade, as well as increased international land transport line length, The demand for high-end road tractor will grow. "

In the recently concluded Guangzhou Auto Show, in addition to Guangqi Hino, Dongfeng, Shaanqi domestic heavy truck exhibitors, foreign heavy truck debut. Navistar 6 × 4 tractor, Hi-Way tractors, Iveco new Stralis, Eurocargo and new Trakker is attractive to the eye. A few years ago, Iveco had to stop imports of heavy commercial vehicles business, the establishment of the Chinese company in September 2012, Iveco, in Asia starting ceremony of three new models, the general manager of China Wang Ning further clarify the Iveco China's three major one of the tasks is the introduction of high-end Italian Iveco models in China, its market share in China's imports of heavy vehicles from the zero state quickly reach 20% -30%. Currently, the total annual sales volume of China's high-end heavy truck about 10,000. Iveco "To reach 20% -30% market share goal, that is, 2000-3000 vehicles. Scania China Strategy Center Executive Director Ho ink pool, the next five years, China's logistics market may have a relatively large changes in Scania's market share will rise. Will not increase the total sales volume of China's heavy truck, the 2012 sales of 600,000, after five years may still be 600,000, but when the quality of the car will be better, the completion of the transport task will be more, so the efficiency will improve. In this case, the proportion of high-end market will be larger than it is now. China's high-end heavy truck demand grow at an annual rate of 1% growth, after eight years, China's high-end heavy truck market share will reach 10% of the total heavy truck.

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