Bridgestone plans to spend $ 41 million to build a technical center in Thailand

Dow Jones reported that Bridgestone has announced that it will spend 3.7 billion yen (about U.S. $ 41 million) to build a new technology center in Thailand, the center is expected to be completed in July this year. The new technology center is located on the outskirts of the Thai capital Bangkok, completely holdings by a subsidiary of Bridgestone - Bridgestone Asia Pacific (BSAP), the center will be responsible for the tire and product technology research and development, quality management and procurement business, its total number of employees in 2015 are expected to reach about 100 people. Currently, Bridgestone tire technology research and development of the Asia-Pacific region and quality management business primarily by the company's technology center in Japan responsible for the completion of the new technology center, these businesses will be gradually transferred to Thailand, Bridgestone wish to take further enhance business in the Asia-Pacific region, and the establishment of a research and development framework for more timely access to the the reaction local market information. As the countries in the Asia-Pacific market continue to maintain rapid growth and diversification, Bridgestone firmly believe that through the support of the Technology Center of Thailand, which will be on customer needs more quickly respond to security at the same time, environmental protection, production quality and delivery speed to improve business standards for its Asian factories.

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