Introductions about DVD Players

Composition of DVD player

DVD player includes DVD Video Player and DVD Audio Player, the common is the DVD Video Player, which is used for playback of high-definition DVD discs. As a typical DVD player, it should include at least two core components: decoding chip and movement. The role of the decoder chip is to perform decoding processing the signal read by the laser head, its quality directly affects the clarity level of the image, whether the audio processing is 100% digitalized and other various functions.

Comparison between single bald and double baldheaded DVD player

The DVD movement is responsible for the rotation of the DVD, which completes the signal read by DVD laser head. Developed from the initial first generation to third generation or even fourth generation, the structure of nissan dvd player key components the laser head has also undergone great changes, single bald replacing double baldheaded has become the trend of the times. The first-generation DVD player used DVD double baldheaded read disk technology in order to better compatible CD / VCD, but with constantly update of the existing technology, the double baldheaded cost is high, multi-coil, complex mechanical structure and other defects are gradually exposed, single bald optical structure is simple, a small number of components, responsive, stable performance and other advantages begin to be revealed, plus the ability to read disc better, more compatible, it has become the main trend of the DVD player.

Function and audio advantage of DVD player

In function, DVD player is also different from other video playback device. Because DVD uses a state-of-the-art international standard MPEG-2 video compression technology and VBR technology, so the DVD can reach more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution. If you want to enjoy the perfect DVD picture, the user is best to buy a big screen TV (29 inches or more) or digital TV to match, but even ordinary TV, DVD image will be clearer, smoother than VCD or Super VCD image. On the audio side, the mazda dvd player is compatible with Dolby AC-3, MPEG-2 and the DTS sound playback technology, etc.

General DVD player cannot match high-definition digital TV resolution display

In addition, DVD players also include all lock function, the fast-forward, rewind, slow motion of classification and programming functions, to meet some of the basic operational requirements of the user. In essence, the functionality it provides is the DVD playback similar with VCD, but its picture and sound quality are raised to a considerable height. Currently, the general DVD player provides only 480i or 480p format output, which cannot match with the growingly popularized high-definition digital TV 1080p resolution display capabilities.

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