Volvo Car's model was the best-selling car in Sweden for 55 years

Sweden, The Local website reported that the Swedish automotive industry organization released on January 8 data show that the V70 models Volvo Cars of Sweden's best-selling models in 2012, sales amounted to 22,000, which has models of Volvo Car's 55 consecutive years were times winning. Anders Gustafsson, president of Volvo Cars, said the company is proud of the achievements made in 2012, the Swedish car market demand is falling, but the fact that Volvo Car Corporation has Swedes favorite models. Sales in Sweden in 2012, followed by models, Volkswagen Passat (16,300), Volvo S60/V60 (1.43 million), Volkswagen Golf (11,300). Volvo Cars accounted for 18.9% of the car market share in Sweden.

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