Chinese Auto Parts Market

China Auto Parts Market Situation

In recent years, with China's economic recovery, China's auto market is constantly improved. So far, the new car sales are the highest in the world, and there is over 100 million car ownership. China has become the world's largest automotive consumer market. According to the analysis of Glance Auto Parts ChinaHR consultant, to analyze the market prospects of the auto parts and auto supplies, the total automotive supplies market in China in 2011 reached 430 billion RMB, and there are more than 100,000 automotive supplies industry distribution companies. And there is more than 5,000 subaru outback accessories distribution business nationwide, the total automotive supplies market in 2012 exceeded 550 billion RMB. From these data show that China's auto after market is promising.

Automotive aftermarket

Just look at the auto parts industry profits, its huge profits is common agree things in the industry, in a full-fledged international auto market, about 50% -60% of the profits is generated in their service areas. The auto parts market is divided into two main parts: one is ordinary maintenance repair parts sales and service, and repair of automotive supplies sales service. Learned from the website of the relevant industry data that: in 2005, vehicle production and sales volume is 5.7 million. The output value of Subaru OEM Parts industry is about 340 billion RMB; the maintenance market value is about 900 billion RMB, plus automotive supplies market of about 420 million, the a total entire auto parts market is about 132 billion RMB in 2005. 165 billion in 2006, and at the same time, the Chinese auto parts market is still in its infancy, the domestic auto parts supplier profit margins is up to 40%. In the future, the growth rate of the auto parts market will be slightly higher than the growth rate of the auto parts manufacturing industry, the appropriate rate is approximately 25%, to 132 billion in 2005 as the base, the auto parts market in 2015 a total is about 600 billion RMB.

Auto Parts Business Model

With the improvement of car penetration and the rapid development of the domestic car market, it has laid a good foundation for the development of the auto parts market. The domestic auto market gradually mature along with the domestic auto market matures, and the automobile industry chain is getting longer and longer. From a single business model of traditional auto parts market will gradually fade out of sight, is a versatile, a wide range of new Auto Parts City. This new Auto Parts City Auto Parts Trade Center, covering a variety of market functions operate complex. Now the multidigit integration "business model" can completely change the situation that traditional Auto Parts City is only a single operating state of the auto parts. is concentrated on SUBARU exterior auto body parts' developing, producing, selling for almost 8 years, our items including bonnet, spoiler, side visor, front bumper guard, grille, roof luggage rack, door sill plate, strut bar, carpet and some accessories about SUBARU car. Welcome to visit our website!

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