Huayang navigation to see the trend of China's auto parts industry

In the face of this situation must have independent intellectual property rights, and strict quality control to be able to occupy a place in the fierce market competition. Foresight Huayang have realized that, from the outset Huayang take active measures to start to extend the product features boldly independent research and development of technology to seize the market, professional technology and excellent quality, to "cheap" Chinese auto parts market has been implementing the breeze brought a burst of technological revolution in recent years, as with the international standards, the auto parts market's increasing requirements for the product, as the auto parts industry, the continuous development of market concentration degrees higher, OEMs increasingly tends to be modular and systematic procurement, closer collaboration between suppliers, so that the evolution of global auto parts supplier system gradually to the pagoda-shaped structure, a manufacturer of whole responsible for the management of the supply chain, the cooperation between supply chain more standardized. So that the development of the enterprise are the top in their respective markets, they account for 80% of the market, dominate the high-end market. With vehicle production and sales of high-speed growth, parts enterprises encountered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I did not catch the car express train will lag behind, will be eliminated.

Unlimited space in China's auto parts market, low-end, mid-range, high-end 3D range. Enterprises in order to obtain sustainable development need to think carefully about the specific analysis of their own business in which market space advantage, where there will be a better development. The step-by-step gradually brand road, build brands with international competitiveness. By the good development trend of China's auto parts industry, common progress and development the Huayang own brand as a self-improvement you want to grow as a the international dark horse par with international auto parts giant essential to the consolidation and strengthening of the brand, so a perfect industrial chain for Huayang is precious. Huayang been sufficient to enable a firm foothold, so just rely on GPS so a single competitive products must have more high quality auto parts industry product launch.

Huayang also from the promotion of navigation products began to accelerate the research and development of new products, a year later, however, the Huayang will be a perfect industry chain unfolded in front of consumers, its products are no longer limited to car audio and video system, the introduction of a series of auto parts products TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, car black box, car infotainment systems, the full realization of the brand from the technical to the kind of comprehensive upgrade, are well prepared for Huayang compete for the international market. This will not only expand the product range, but also to stabilize the Huayang the development of rhythm and laid a solid foundation for the Chinese auto parts, which makes the future progress of this big cake foreign enterprises have been eyeing, which is the foreign companies have established in China Auto parts Base reasons. There are a lot of foreign enterprises to do so, we have to accept that many foreign enterprises, they do not fight business battles with the existing national enterprises in the Chinese market, but before entering detailed understanding and investigation on the domestic auto parts enterprises a hundred years, then by virtue of their development and accumulation strong financial and domestic auto parts joint ventures, and then a little increase in own shares until the last domestic auto parts enterprises to become the production base for foreign companies in China. The entry of foreign companies is one of the challenges facing China's auto parts industry, according to the relevant data, as of 2010, China's auto production and sales double over 18 million car country, in contrast, in connection with the car after the markets go the fastest growing one of the best prospects for the industry. Meanwhile, with the implementation of the Strategic Planning of Guangzhou City North Extension, logistics, auto parts market has become a pillar industry of the North Extension strategic needs. Vehicles produced in China will reach 75 million by 2030, car ownership in China is 800 per thousand will have. Suppliers of the rapid development of the automotive industry, car ownership is high-speed development of the vehicle to bring good business opportunities to the country's auto parts industry, auto parts market has been a great development close to two-thirds of the expected 2010 revenues will year growth of more than 20%.

82% of respondents in the August survey reports that orders will climb in the next 12 months. Suppliers from North America, Europe and Asia participated in the survey, 55% of respondents to a supplier. Over half of the respondents expected. The 2011 bankruptcy of the number of suppliers will be greatly reduced. This data for April survey report 42% of the respondents believed that at least a car manufacturer customer bankruptcy in the next 2 to 3 years, while only 26% of the survey respondents think so auto parts enterprises is tantamount to a gospel, the Chinese market has been contested, this is not unreasonable, but the concept has been gaining in popularity technical victory, Learn the skills to the barbarians, to learn advanced technology from foreign enterprises and concept has Shizaibide. Therefore, each company have to try it, I hope to have an international peer learning opportunities to communicate. Therefore, more and more Chinese enterprises more and more in the spotlight, Huayang of course, naturally, will not be absent in some foreign MICE. 2010 Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the the Huayang exhibition GPS products not only reflects the superior audio and video capabilities, but also realized IPhone compatible external demonstrated Huayang unique design vision as well as international trends grasp.

The Huayang 2010 world to show rare in a Chinese independent brand auto parts demeanor. Huayang horizons, however, are not limited in this year's Las Vegas 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Huayang GPS again debut, this exhibition not only to achieve a dynamic GPS interface, and also has a network function, be able to browse the web, and new compatible and a variety of functions will also tremendously popular 2010 IPhon4 also external. Visible Huayang has demonstrated the standard expected of an international brand - by their keen sense of smell to the international weathervane rapid product upgrade, always walk in the hot international market position in 2011, the new energy vehicles The key parts of the research and development work will continue the hot trend in 2010, with the upgrading of the national environmental protection requirements and regulations on auto emissions standards, rising oil prices and so convenient conditions gave the development of new energy vehicles new energy vehicles will be accounted for in the future development of the main trend in the automotive industry. In 2011, the field of new energy vehicles, the biggest surprise is the amount of private purchase of new energy vehicles is expected to achieve a breakthrough. According to the relevant departments to predict the number of private purchase in 2011 will reach ten thousand level sufficient scale test related to new energy vehicle parts as well as the supporting infrastructure level of performance and reliability, quality thus lithium industry chain enterprises will Preliminary revealed the prototype. We recommend optimistic that truly can come to the fore in the next competition, became the winners of the leading enterprises in related fields.

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