Banned from the roads not open the camera long distance bus

Original title: Not wearing a seatbelt is not open long-distance bus ban camera on the road

Yesterday, the arrival of the Year ", the city during Spring Festival reached its climax. Reporters learned from coach Co., Ltd., Beijing, this year's Spring Festival travel requirements of the city, not wearing a seatbelt, long distance bus did not open the camera ban road reporter learned, in addition to a few short lines, the basic operating buses in the city should be via the highway. Previously, the only part of the operation of bus seats are equipped with seat belts, as well as some of the vehicles only the first row of seats equipped with seat belts. Last year, the bus terminal has received the transport sector requires the installation, the use of seat belts notice 388 vehicles fitted with seat belts. This year, the long-distance passenger cars installed for a seat belt. In addition, the transport sector also requires passenger and passengers must remind passengers to wear seat belts, before they can drive. After the start of the Spring Festival travel season, the long-distance station is equipped with a hand search vehicles, passengers do not line belt long distance bus can not start on September 1 last year, the city added, updated long-distance buses are not required to install and use car video equipment, temporary refuse to handle the road transport documentation; failing to install and use with a passenger-car video equipment will not be allowed to continue to operate. Spring of this year, the lotus pool of long-distance bus terminal is to remind the drivers to pay attention to traffic safety, the station GPS global positioning system, the issue of the 139 coaches belongs safety tips. Speeding, operating through the GPS global positioning system, long-distance station monitoring personnel traveling parking, less than 90 kilometers per hour, 90 100 km, 100 km above the vehicle were labeled in blue, green, yellow, red color found on the big screen members will be in the form of text messages to tell the driver, reminded to take effective measures, pay attention to the safety of the northern outskirts coach station to do Spring Festival travel services, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the long-distance company by Sishourenyuan passenger safety inform: including route details non-inflammable and explosive materials on the car, the seat belt, security doors, security windows, fire extinguishers, safety hammer to use to enter the service area rest stop content inform everything for travelers go, do well, go healed.

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