China Car DVD Player Market Analysis

Car DVD economic environment

According to statistics, China's total vehicle sales last year exceeded 4,000,000, of which more than 2 million car sales, and the total sales of car AV equipment such as car DVD player is more than 40 billion RMB. Statistics reported that by 2017, China will become the world's largest production base of automobile entertainment systems, and car stereo system production will account for 39% of global production. Good overall economic environment provides good development space and opportunities for the car audio industry. So many professionals make a bold and optimistic forecast from the point of view of economic and industry development. From 2012 to 2015,nissan dvd player will grow into a gold mine, which will has great potential.

Car DVD Socio-cultural Environment

The rapid development of China's car industry drives the development of the related industry, and the automotive consumer culture is gradually taking shape. In-car DVD, as one of the important car entertainment products, is increasingly being accepted by the majority of consumers. Vehicles, as consumers' second home, car entertainment system products will be carrying the main force of the car culture. In addition, the electronic entertainment after long-term development, its consumer attitude in China is ripe, escalating the civilian consumer electronics in the technological innovation driven, and this concept of consumption will penetrate into the car entertainment products consumption.

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Car DVD Technology Environment

Automotive electronics industry, as the auto ancillary equipment, should take into account the movement of shock, heat / cold, in coordination with the interior environment than home appliances, and its technical requirements are much higher that home appliances, and whether to have mastered the core technology has become the "threshold" to enter the industry. Therefore, currently sold in the domestic car audio system are still foreign brands. Addition to Panasonic, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, foreign investment, joint venture brands in the country has its own production base or OEM manufacturers. According to incomplete statistics,car dvd player Chinamanufacturer has reached 150, not much of them have the high technology apart from Haier, Shinco, and SVA. Most of the Chinese car DVD manufacturers are mainly in the low-end market.

Car DVD Legal Environment

Due to the implementation of the 3C certification of national electronic industry management departments, many domestic manufacturers of home machine abrupt rise in the cost of production, and the direction of development have transferred to the car DVD market. Therefore, the domestic car DVD market treasury increasingly brutal competitive situation. The new traffic regulations "expressly provides that: Unauthorized modification to the car. First, modified by MOT have a certain impact, which directly affects the traditional modified car mobile DVD market space. is a leading company mainly engaged in car multimedia entertainment, car GPS navigation and car PC etc, with car products development, manufacturing and marketing. Welcome to visit our website!

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