Complete Knowledge about Auto Parts

Auto parts are the general designation of units collectively constitute the car and the products serve the car, the main classification is as follows:

1. Engine accessories, including the engine, launch assembly, throttle body, cylinder block, tension pulley, etc.

2. Driveline accessories, including clutch, transmission, transmission shift lever assembly, reducer, magnetic materials, etc.

3. Brake system accessories, mainly including the brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinders, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brakes, brake drums, etc.
4. Steering system accessories, including the kingpin, steering knuckle, ball pin, etc.

5. The walking system accessories, including rear axle, air suspension system, balancing blocks, steel plates, etc.

6. Electrical instrument accessories, including sensors, automotive lighting, spark plugs, battery

7. Auto lamps, including decorative lamps, fog lamps, ceiling lamps, headlights,car brake light bulbs, down lights, turning lights, instrument lights, lights, searchlights and various car lights.

8. Modified car accessories, including tires hit pump, auto top boxes, car roof rack, electric winch

9. Security anti-theft accessories, include steering wheel locks, wheel locks, seat belts, video cameras

10. Automotive interior parts, including automotive carpet (mat),car steering wheel covers, steering wheel booster ball, curtains, sun files, etc.

11. Automotive exterior accessories, including round sticky cover, body color bar stickers, license plate frames, rain shield

12. Comprehensive accessories, mainly including adhesives, sealants, hand tools, automotive springs, plastic parts;

13. Audio electrical accessories, including tire pressure monitoring system, decoder, display, car radio, etc.

14. Chemical physical parts, mainly including coolant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricants, etc.

15. Auto body and accessories, including wiper, auto glass, seat belts, airbags, instrument platen

16. Auto repair parts, including sheet metal equipment, purification systems, demolition tire machine, instrument calibration, as well as electric punching, hot air gun, electric jack, electric wrench power tools

17. Automotive electrical parts, auto electrical accessories are one of the most important accessories of the car, including the battery, battery clamps, battery cable, the end-of-line starter, magnetic switch, one-way, rotor, stator, carbon brushes, brush holder, copper sleeve bearings, starter relay, ignition switch, regulator, engine, wiper motor, heater motor, heater resistor, heater switch, wiper intermittent relay, wiper switch, headlight, small lights, fog lights, taillight assembly, brake light switch, reversing light switch, light switch, fog lamp switch, double flash switch, various relays, bulbs, insurance, wiper blades, flash, etc. (too many, the general said these), In addition, there are GPS / navigation, GPS accessories, car GPS, Bluetooth GPS, handheld GPS, one machine GPS, GPS module, GPS charger, car maps and other electronic equipment.
18. Other auto parts, including automobile spare parts like tires, car mats, car oxygen bar, etc. is one of the biggest and the most powerful operators of car accessories. We mainly produce universal and special car seat cover, car cushion, car mat, steering wheel cover, interior car accessories, Car LED lights and other more than 1000 products with the production capability of USD 30 million every year.

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