LED lighting market trends

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LED illumination has got ecological protection, industry program and its commercial growth of its national power and energy saving's element -preserving techniques for emission reduction approach includes a great significance.

The improvement of China's semiconductor lighting distinct aims of the 2015 white led light bars for off roadluminous efficiency over the same period achieved the worldwide advanced-level (150-2001m / N), enter 30% of the typical lighting market, changing imports 70% Spotlight chip, core gear and the key to reaching MOCVD localization of supporting components: surrounding the backlight, car, lighting, along with other key tactical goods, enhance the technology integration, demonstration and program to achieve large scale, industrial scale reached 500 million yuan, 50-million jobs: 140 000-000 000 degrees to achieve yearly energy saving The annual saving 49 million tons of standard coal And reduce CO2, SO2, NOx, dust emission of 1.4 billion tons.

China's LED lighting leads and business developments Estimate: Despite the recent global economic crisis, marketplace software and China's off road led barbusiness continues to be managed an excellent energy of development, is the fastest growing countries while in the international sector location rising. Programs have significantly more than 45 thousand yuan production value, the long run market requirement is very enormous. 1995 to 2008, regular yearly growth rate of China's LED illumination market by 30% (calculated based on business income for the year height), significantly higher-than the gross national solution of China's yearly GDP growth rate of 10.35%.

Application of adult LED lighting marketplace continues to be expanding: At present, the use of LED areas of mature landscape architecture, LED lights, large-screen display, traffic lights, devices and mild electronic display, automobile lights, specific 4x4 off road accessories, cell phones, digital cameras, computers, TV sets and also other aspects of small and medium size backlight. By 2008, LED products, program areas while in the above income of significant circulation data display, where landscape architecture remains the biggest application of LED parts; LED display and home appliances accounted for 27% market share, getting the next BROUGHT substantial applications; devices, notebook computers as well as other tiny and medium size backlight accounted for 22% market share and start to become the next largest category of applications. Others for example traffic lights, vehicle lights, unique lighting as well as other programs of the market share has gradually improved.

LED lights of main locations within the quick improvement of industry applications: With the luminous efficiency white LED continuous breakthroughs in critical systems to enhance, within our paths, tunnels and other public light, LED lighting products operate slowly enhanced market share, and the rapid expansion. The end of 2008, over 28 provinces and cities nationwide, 104 cities (areas) to set up and utilize the led headlights for carsproducts, just 35 companies above specified dimension functional design data, domestic generation and installation of various kinds of LED lights bulb products amounted to 160,000, the tunnel lights one thousand lamps, indoor lighting fixtures 60 000 sets.

Facing industrial development's prospects, the local establishments that are Chinese have capability and issue occupy favorable industry situation, then creating a greater market share inside the creation of the quantity of models that are independent.

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